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Arriau Paris is the encounter of Jean Yves Lanvin and Jean Arriau, two passionate designers who decided to create a collection of decorative objects with organic forms ever finer, always more beautiful, almost unreal.
In our foundry located in Normandy, France, Arriau Paris craftsmen use ancient production technics and constantly invent new ones. They work bronze, brass, steel, which they mold, engrave, hammer, twist and
loosen at will. These alliances give birth to several universes of fascinating and exceptional objects, carefully handcrafted from a choice of the best noble materials.
From a delicate rock crystal champagne bucket to a spectacular 12 lights bronze candle holder, from an alabaster bowl enhanced by brass frames to a grandiose table center in brass and polished cast tin, Arriau's creativity has no limit.
From this delicate work with metal and minerals, specificity of the Arriau Paris brand, is born a collection full of strength and finesse that proudly showcases the French know-how.
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